Remote control feature MAG 254 box. How to activate?

If your smartphone doesn’t have IrDA transmitter MAG 254 Remote is able to send commands via Wi-Fi. Remote control feature MAG 254 box and other set-top boxes is present but it is disabled by default. You should activate this feature. Read next how to do it, the genuine remote control is required.

1. Power on the MAG box

2. During loading… press and hold SETUP button on the genuine remote control till System settings screen appears

remote control feature MAG 250 box

3. Move to the bottom and find the Remote control option

remote control feature MAG 250 box

4. Activate it and set Name and Password

5. Save by OK button

6. Run MAG 254 Remote app in your smartphone and open Settings window

7. Enable Wi-Fi mode and the app will start to discover the MAG box

8. When the MAG box will be discovered, select it and set the same Password

9. It’s done!

If genuine remote control is not accessable read how to activate Remote control feature in MAG 254 box with USB keyboard.

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